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 TWS Security Measures 
Below are the measures taken to secure your site against natural and deliberate damage to the servers:

1) We have daily backups of our website builder systems with a weekly backup kept off site to protect against the unlikely event of a catastrophe at our collocation hosting facility in Texas (No earthquakes or floods); and

Our systems are well protected with data stored in separate locations to protect ourselves and our customers in the event of a catastrophic event.

The following information relates to our collocation hosting facility.
-   N+1 design ensures redundancy of all components;
-   Two separate transformers with two separate underground utility feeds;
-   Multiple generators, multiple fuel tanks, and multiple battery back-ups ensure constant power availability;
-   Dual power feeds from multiple PDUs;
 are all standard for each enclosure.

-   24 x 7 x 365 onsite security guards;
-   Video surveillance and recording;
-   Biometric & card key security for access control;
-   Reinforced physical structure featuring concrete bollards, steel lined walls, bulletproof glass, and barbed wire fencing on the perimeter of the property;
-   Intrusion detection systems available to prevent unauthorised electronic access; and
-   Firewall management and monitoring services.

-   Multiple Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) carriers for point-to-point and dark-fiber connectivity;
-   14 diverse physical paths into and out of the facility;
-   N+1 switching and router configuration provides redundancy within each
component; and
-   Dual bandwidth connections to each enclosure ensures the highest levels of availability.

This may not mean much to many people. To simplify, all systems have had the most thorough steps taken to minimise risk to our customers of permanent information loss. The systems in place give clients peace of mind that their website will not one day simply be lost in the ether, or damaged by unforeseen circumstances.


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